Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freaks (Bonus Track Version) [Remastered] - Pulp

Freaks (Bonus Track Version) [Remastered] - Pulp


Formed: 1978 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Genre: Rock

Years Active: '80s, '90s, '00s

Most bands lucky venture the big time immediately and lose lustre away, or they build a dedicated following and slowly go up their way to the top. Pulp didn't come either route. For the first 12 years of their life, Pulp languished in near total darkness, releasing a handful of albums and singles in the '80s to simply any attention. At the turn of the decade, the collection began to gain an audience, sparking a notable turn of events that made the club one of the most popular British groups of the '90s. By...

Track ~el

I Want You
Being Followed Home
Master of the Universe
Life Must Be So Wonderful
There's No Emotion
Anorexic Beauty
The Never Ending Story
Don't You Know
They Suffocate At Night
Little Girl (With Blue Eyes) [Bonus Track]
Simultaneous (Bonus Track)
Blue Glow (Bonus Track)
The Will to Power (Bonus Track)
Dogs Are Everywhere (Bonus Track)
The Mark of the Devil (Bonus Track)
97 Lovers (Bonus Track)
Aborigine (Bonus Track)
Goodnight (Bonus Track)
Tunnel (Bonus Track)
Manon (Bonus Track)
Different Class
This Is Hardcore
Different Class
This Is Hardcore
His 'n' Hers
Different Class
His 'n' Hers

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